Friday, February 17, 2012

Avoiding "Mom Jeans"

After reading this most hilarious blog about How to Avoid Mom Jeans, I decided that I needed a jeans wardrobe overhaul.   No woman in her right mind willingly goes through the agonizing and frustrating process of trying on jeans.  Only when her current jeans collection no longer fits or has become so raggedy she looks like a homeless person or a pop singer, will any woman subject herself to this torture.

I've struggled for years to find jeans that I liked.  It used to be so easy.  Stone-washed Levi's in a classic traditional fit.  Buy two pair, wear until the bottom hems became hopelessly frayed and the rivets at the pockets started to pull holes, then go buy two more new pair. 

But times have changed.  Fashion has changed.  Fit has changed.  And truth be told, my good old-fashioned go-to Levi 550's are dangerously close to being "mom jeans." 

Today was the day.  There's a good-sized Levi's store in the Katy Mills mall and that's where I headed.   A few years ago I drove to that store, bought a couple of pair of Levi's in a style that was at that time new to me.  I brought them home and they languished on the shelf in my closet, with the tags still on them, unworn and unloved.  I just couldn't bring myself to wear these new-fangled lower-cut jeans!  I thought they made my butt look big.  Little did I know...that's apparently a good thing.

But that was a few years ago.  Since then, as I've purchased new pants, shorts, and running shorts, their fit has crept lower and lower until they now sit well below my belly button and I've come to appreciate - even love - that fit and look.  So I felt confident that I could re-visit that Levi's store and walk out with a couple pair of new jeans, styles that were "hip" and that weren't "mom jeans."

A lovely woman about my age, her name was Bea, swooped down on me and with some measuring tapes specifically designed to help the customer choose the right "fit," determined that my shape is "demi-curve."   On a scale of 1-5, it's a "2" in terms of voluptuousness.  I guess it means that while I have a definite waist, I'm not as curvy as other women.  We picked out a couple of pair of jeans in the "demi-curve" Classic straight leg category, and she bundled me off to the dressing room.   I also took a pair of the "demi curve" Modern straight leg category to try on, as well.  "Classic" sits just below the waist, and "Modern" sits about an inch lower than the Classic.

When did jean cut/size/style selections get so complex?  But I gotta admit, Levi's has definitely got this figured out!    They fit me like a glove!  I even was tempted to go with the Modern cut, but in the end opted for the Classic.  I bought two pair:  One pair in a scrubbed, whiskered color (don't ask - I have no idea what this means!), the other pair in a dark denim color with some scrubbing on the thighs. 

When I got home, a few pairs of "mom jeans" went into the pile of donation clothes.

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  1. When did life become so complicated. I go to the store for a simple thing and then confronted with a myriad of choices. I would be much easier if there was just one choice