Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Working on a Strategy

So, with the cold and rain these last few days I've had time to think about Strategy for the Waffle House Grand Tour.  I've scooped up ten of the Waffle Houses within easy striking distance of home and have maybe a dozen more that I could easily collect in one day here in the Greater Houston area.  And another day ride would collect all of them in the Beaumont-Port Arthur-Orange area. 

But I've decided to leave those uncollected for a while.  The rules state that a Waffle House can be collected only one time.   I may need to have these in reserve near the end of the year when I need to collect some points in a month when I have no trips planned.  One award category is to collect at least one Waffle House per month.  I think I'll save the ones south of the city, the ones north of Beaumont, and the ones near Austin for this purpose.  Right now I have no trips planned for February, October, and December.

The rules for doing a Waffle House SS1k have not yet been announced and I realize that I'm better off leaving some of those Waffle Houses near home uncollected in case I want to use them as start or finish locations for a SS1k.  So I think I'll leave the ones along the I-10 corridor - in Katy and in Baytown - plus the one in Webster for this purpose.

Also, because of these as-yet-undisclosed SS1k rules, I won't "go for broke" along the I-10 corridor in Louisiana.  I could easily collect all of the Waffle Houses between Orange TX and Covington LA in one trip to my son's house in Mandeville.  But I won't.  I may need these to fulfill the requirements for the SS1k's I know I can collect going to and returning from the IBA party in Jacksonville.

The tendency, with the competitive spirit being displayed for this event, is to get out there!  But stepping back, looking at the big picture, I can see tremendous opportunities to collect Waffle Houses over the next 12 months, given my travel plans.  There's no need to panic or to push too hard, too fast.  Should be an interesting year. 


  1. Glad you don't have to eat to collect 'em. Those are cardiac castles as far as I'm concerned. Good luck with your collections.
    PS - I still want to do the French coffee run to La Madeline.

  2. I am surprised you are not doing the Smoke Chasing 2012 Grand Tour. I would be doing this one if there were WH's in the northeast

    1. I am surprised, too, Willie, since I thought I would be after watching and following along last year. But too many things going on for me this year. Waffle Houses are easy to access off the interstate, unlike good BBQ joints.