Thursday, January 5, 2012

Waffle House Grand Tour - Off and Running

Okay, so this is a real stretch for me.  I mean, I don't exactly live in Waffle House Mecca.  But I do have some trips planned for 2012, the routes taking me tantalizingly close to some Waffle House "hot spots." 
So...I'm in.  Registered, sent my money in, and now waiting to receive the rally towel and packet with instructions.

But I found myself staying at a Clarion Inn in Covington, right across the street from a Waffle House on Holiday Drive.  Hmmm....  My son and his family drove the few miles from their house in Mandeville to meet me at the Waffle House for New Year's Day breakfast.  But I've not yet received that all-important rally towel and have no idea if there's an acceptable "work-around" to collecting a suitable and acceptable photo of bike in front of this restaurant.  In the absence of any guidance, I just pulled my bike up, lined it up nicely in front of the Waffle House, took a photo, and made sure the camera date/time were set correctly (for EXIF photo tagging).   I also got a receipt from the Waffle House just in case. 

So first Waffle House tagged - on New Year's Day, the first official day of the Grand Tour. 

The following week we had fabulous weather here in S. Texas, so I did a little plotting using the Waffle House locator page, Google Maps, and Streets & Trips, and planned a short little ride that would scoop up 4 more Waffle House photos.  An email to the rallymaster for this Grand Tour confirmed that, in the absence of a rally flag, I would need to include my face in the photos.  I grabbed my little Gorilla tripod, my camera, my GPS, and then backed my FZ6 out of the driveway right after lunch to go collect a few more WH photos.

A short little circular route of just 65 miles would let me bag 4 more Waffle Houses:

#2.  On Almeda-Genoa in Houston.

#3.  On College Street in South Houston.

#4.  On Fairmont Parkway in Pasadena.

#5.  On W. Airport in Stafford.

It felt good to get my favorite bike out for a short spin, and when I returned, I routed three more short day rides to collect all the rest of the Waffle Houses in the Greater Houston area.  I've decided that weekdays are best for doing this project.  Fewer folks eating breakfast at Waffle House than on the weekends.   So...whenever I wake up to a nice day in Houston, I'll head out in one direction or another.

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