Saturday, January 28, 2012

The Valley Between Two Half-Marathon Peaks

There's always this enormous anti-climactic sense of idleness after running a half or full marathon.   It's this ludicrous sense of, "Now what?" that washes over me every time I hang another medal in the medal case.  It's totally irrational.  I should be reveling in a sense of accomplishment but, instead, find myself in the void of "purposeless-ness" that comes from devoting mental and physical energy to getting ready for a race, doing the race, and then having nothing on the horizon to train for.

As a result of this, I find myself increasingly filling my schedule with more races.  My next half-marathon is just 3 weeks after this Houston one...the one that I've just completed.  Barely time to recover - more a taper-down than anything - before I'll be doing it again.  This time, it will be the Galveston Mardi Gras Marathon and Half-Marathon.

So in between these two events, I drove over to Mandeville for a couple of days' visit with son and family.  No running involved.  Just visiting time, play time with the grandkids, a visit to the New Orleans Childrens Museum.

Now it's the weekend before the Galveston event and I've put in a moderate-distance run today, and will probably get one more longish distance run in before tapering back down to a couple of short distance runs before next Sunday.

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