Saturday, January 7, 2012

Herding Ducks

I woke up this morning feeling very guilty for having not run at all this past week.  I really must get up and get a run in today...maybe 5 miles.  I'm still unsure about next weekend's Houston Marathon event, but I'm going to play it by ear, pick up my race packet next Friday and then make the decision late Saturday or very early Sunday morning. 

But back to today's's a little cool and overcast this morning, but I was feeling good and was eager to get a few miles in.   My five mile run usually consists of a loop through our neighborhood of CountryPlace, picking up all of the cul-de-sacs along the way, and doing the loop in a figure-8 pattern. 

This morning I headed east to do the east side of the loop.  As I neared the Golf Course Pro Shop, I decided to make a bathroom stop before continuing on toward the west side of the loop.  But I was feeling pretty good and really wanted to do more than 5 miles, so I headed out the gate and up the hill to McHard Road.  As I approached the intersection, the light was green but cars weren't moving.  As I reached the top of the hill, I could see why:  A line of Muscovy ducks had queued up at the intersection and were crossing the street, one at a time. 

The duck at the front of the line was waiting until the duck in front had made it safely across the street.  Interesting...

As there were five or six ducks in line, this was going to take a while.  Meanwhile the light turned red, leaving the line of cars stuck again at the intersection.  When I got to the light and could see what was going on, I crossed over to where the ducks were and "hastened" them across the street.  They complied, some of them grudingly unfurling their wings and flapping across the street. 

Not too many folks can say they served as a crossing guard for ducks!!

Thinking about this and chuckling to myself made the 3 mile loop down to Cullen and back just fly by!  I just had to run  the 2.5 miles of the west loop and then I would be home!

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