Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Start 'Em Early!

5:00 AM and 45 degrees of cold in Louisiana.  It's Saturday morning and I was awake before the rest of the household.  I'm visiting my son and his family and I'd registered all of us to participate in a 1K/5K Fun Run.  The plan was for me to go ahead of the rest of the family to the race, pick up our race bibs and event shirts, which would buy some time for son and daughter-in-law to wake up the 4 year old and 1 year old, get them fed, dressed, stuffed into car seats and over to the event location in time for the 8 AM start of the fun run. 

A prayer, the national anthem, and then the start.  And off they went!  Grandson Trevor ran with all his heart until he just couldn't run any more!  The rest of us met up with son and grandson and we walked the rest of the course.  Trevor's very first Fun Run!!

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