Friday, November 4, 2011


It was a great visit with family this past weekend!  We were so busy, I hardly had time to think, never mind squeeze any runs in.  Birthday party at Trevor's pre-school Friday afternoon, Pumpkin Patch fun run Saturday morning, Boo party at the museum for Trevor and Mom mid-day on Saturday while son and I stayed home with Mimi, party for my son and family and for another newly transferrred family to Stennis Space Center on Saturday afternoon, birthday party for Trevor on his actual birthday on Sunday afternoon, trick-or-treating with the grandkids on Monday evening, shopping for furniture for Mimi's room on Tuesday morning before driving back to Houston that afternoon.

Granddaughter Mimi was showing all the signs of not feeling well:  runny nose, episodes of diarrhea, that something's-just-not-right fussiness.  Lots of wiping wet noses, kissing snotty cheeks and I was guaranteeing that I'd catch whatever it was that she had.  And I did.  I started to feel it Monday afternoon, but wrote it off to allergies.  My son was also showing symptoms, but then he suffers allergies as much as I do, if not more.  But Tuesday morning I woke up with a scratchy throat and a head filled with fog and cotton, and my son stayed in bed a little later than usual that morning. 

Here it is, Friday morning, and I'm still fighting this cold!  How can a nose be stopped up and runny at the same time?!  My chest feels like a combine was harvesting in there all night.  No running for me this week.  Nope!  Maybe by Sunday I'll feel up to it.

Ah, but those sweet little kisses on sweet little cheeks were oh, so worth it!

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