Tuesday, November 8, 2011

My Upcoming Trip...a Tradition

Well, it's that time of year again.  Time to trek back across I-10 east, from Texas to Florida, to participate in the Florida Coast2Coast Ride, see many friends, make new ones, and (hopefully) eat some good food while I'm there. 

I plan to depart early Thursday morning, make it as far as Marianna FL for the night, then arrive in the Seffner, FL area by early afternoon on Friday.  Close to 200 people are registered for this event...a great turnout, considering very little promotion was done for this year's event compared to previous years.  There will be bikes of all types, sizes, and styles participating in the event.  It's always a lot of fun cruising the parking lot at the start and at the finish of the event, to check out all of the "rides."

For the next week I'll "hang out" in the area, near Orlando, and hopefully meet up with a few friends who live in FL for some lunch rides.  Otherwise, I'll just relax, get a few shorter runs in, and rest before the event the next weekend:  the Women's Half Marathon in St. Petersburg FL. 

The variety of activities on this trip presents a real packing challenge, when on a motorcycle.  Shirts, socks, undergarments to wear while on the bike; shirts, pants, jeans, shoes to wear while off the bike, one or two nice outfits to wear in case I decide to go out for dinner; running clothes and shoes both for the weekday runs and the 1/2 marathon at the end of the week.  Jacket and fleece for the cool nights; a pair of shorts on the off-chance there'll be a warm and pleasant day.  Phew!

My trusty and favored FZ6 gets to go on this trip.   The BMW got to see a few miles these last couple of months - riding out to Van Horn to serve as witness for the IBA BBG rides, and then the Jack Shoalmire Tribute SS1000 the next weekend.  FZ6 hasn't gotten to go on a long trip in a while so she's deserving of this one. 

I checked the tire pressures, moved the Garmin GPS cradle over from the other bike, put the topcase on, and cleaned her mirrors and windscreen.  A couple of weeks ago I cleaned and lubed her chain.  So she's ready to go!  I'm ready to go!

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