Monday, November 28, 2011

It Was a Great Thanksgiving Weekend!

Cherry pie, sweet potatoes, and ingredients for the green beans tucked safely in an insulated carrier, I got in the car and drove to Mandeville LA to spend Thanksgiving weekend with son and family.  It was Thanksgiving day morning, and the roads were relatively empty of traffic until I neared Baton Rouge LA. 

When I arrived, I immediately rousted the family from the comforts of their house and made them get out with me for an impromptu Turkey Trot jog around the neighborhood.  I quickly changed into running clothes, grabbed Mimi and buckled her into her jogging stroller.  Daughter-in-law Christina got grandson Trevor into his shoes and we all headed out.  Son Jeremy felt he needed to stay behind, since the turkey was in the oven and he didn't want to leave it unattended.  We went around the block - about 1.5 miles - and it was just what we all needed.  Mimi fell asleep in the stroller, Trevor burned off some excess energy, and Christina got her walk in.  Mimi and I jogged ahead of the two of them, and then doubled back to meet up with them and walk the remaining distance.   Perfect way to work up an appetite!

The feast was wonderful!  Christina made fresh cranberry relish, the turkey came out perfectly moist, and the sweet potatoes browned up nicely in the oven.  The baby green beans with cherry tomatoes in garlic butter sauce were very tasty - a new-to-me recipe and well-worth keeping for future use. 

It was a low-key weekend spent playing with the grandkids, helping out doing yard work, and just generally doing nothing.  Lots of leaves and pine needles to rake! 

Since my son and his family will be spending Christmas in California, they decided to get a Christmas tree set up.  Jeremy headed out on Friday morning and returned with a beautiful tree, a nice tall and full tree.  He spent the rest of the morning getting it set up, and Christina and he pulled the decorations out of the attic and started in getting the tree decorated.  A smaller artificial tree was set up in the sun room, as well.

I managed to get a run in, every day that I was there, in the spirit of the Runners World Holiday Running Streak.  I went out for a run Sunday morning and decided, while doing the run, that I should get back to the house, clean up, and then head for home.  Christina and Jeremy have had a long stretch of house guests, startiing with me over the halloween weekend and followed by an extended visit from Jeremy's dad.  My visit over Thanksgiving came close on the heels of his dad's visit and I could sense that they all needed some "alone time."  Cleaned up and packed, I kissed them all goodbye and headed for home Sunday morning.

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