Monday, October 10, 2011

Something to Shoot For

This week's Running Notebook column in the Houston Chronicle - about a woman who has completed the 50 States Marathon Challenge - got me thinking.  There's an idea!  What if I went for a "50 States Half Marathon" experience?  There's no club or organization that I know of to recognize that accomplishment, but it would surely be fun to do!  And think of all the great cities I'd be visiting while trying!

I already have a bit of a start on this.  There was the Big Sur half-marathon in Monterey, California.   I did this one with my son a few years ago.  That was truly a unique and fun experience!    It was cold and grey that day and we both were bundled up to ward off the chill at the start line.  My son was in training for a full marathon in Sacramento, I was in training for the full marathon in Houston and we were each at about the same point in our training schedules.  In his modesty, my son felt that he was slow enough that he'd be running with me that day.  Well, that didn't happen.  By mile 5 he was clearly holding back, so he took off, meeting up with me later at the finish line.

I already have Hawaii covered.  I did the Maui Half Marathon last year, in September.  It was truly a memorable weekend, flying over there from Oahu while visiting son and family then camping out at a beautiful Hyatt Regency on the beach for the long weekend, the start line just steps from the front door. 

I have Ohio covered as well.  I've done the Cincinnati Flying Pig half marathon twice, and am signed up to do it again next May.  Such a great race in a great and welcoming city!  And Michigan is done.  Completing the Capital City River Run half marathon last month in Lansing MI was truly an experience!

And of course, there's Texas!  Numerous medals from half marathons and full marathons completed in my own home state hang on the wall here at my casa in Houston.    Soon I'll add Florida to the list of completed states.  The Womens Half Marathon in St. Petersburg FL is coming up in November.

 Let's see, now.  That's CA, HI, TX, MI, OH, FL.   Six down, only 44 to go...Yikes!  I doubt I could accomplish this before I get too old and feeble...but how cool would this be?!
Gotta work on this idea a bit more...

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  1. Check out - group dedicated to running a half in all 50 states in under 100 hours (2 hour average). There is also another more general 50 state half group: