Thursday, October 27, 2011

Commitments....and Mosquitos

They're "killing" me.  Well, not really.  But figuratively speaking, these two things - a full calendar and those blasted mosquitos - are really taking a 'bite' (pun intended) out of my running schedule.

The welts are still popping up in all sorts of unimaginable places on my body as a result of that long run I did on Sunday.  The exceptional mosquito infestation here in Houston is all over the news.  Nearly overnight, these pests appeared, making life outdoors nearly unliveable.  I did a shorter run on Friday and had no problems with them.  Just two days later, and they made my long Sunday run miserable. 

I went grocery shopping yesterday after play rehearsal, and should probably count the multiple "hastened" trips in and out of the house to empty the trunk of my car of groceries as a workout.  Never have I unloaded the trunk so quickly, never have I dashed in and out of the door with such efficiency!  By the time I'd made that last trip, there were dozens of mosquitos hovering over my open trunk, drafting in my wake as I zipped back and forth from car to door.

I should have done an easy run on Tuesday morning, but just could not bring myself to go outside, sacrifice my tender flesh, my precious blood, to those mosquitos.  And again this morning I woke up intending to go out for that run, but, I admit it...I chickened out.  When I left the house at 8:30 AM for rehearsal, I noticed that there was a nice breeze, the temperatures were moderate, and humidity wasn't too bad.  And neither were the mosquitos. 

I guess this means that I should make the effort, get that run in tomorrow morning.

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