Friday, September 30, 2011

Weather is relenting....Time to Ride!!

Whew!  the thermometer at my house has not seen the south side of 78 degrees since last spring, and I'm talking overnight temps, not daytime temps.  We've broken the record here in Houston for highest number of consecutive days over 100 degrees.  So it's no wonder that my motorcycles have gotten very little mileage since returning from the BMW RA Rally in Chippewa Falls WI back in June. 

I'd put some significant mileage on the bikes in the first 6 months of this year.  That is, up until June...about 13,000 miles.  But then it all came to a screeching near-halt after that.  80 degree mornings, 110 degree afternoons are not conducive to much riding.  But then, our riding season down here in South Texas is the 9 months between September and May anyway.  It just seems like the summer was worse than usual for heat.

So now I'm gleefully scheduling trips, planning routes, making reservations.  Let's see...first up on the schedule is a ride out to Van Horn TX to await the BBG bi- and trifecta riders and to serve as their witness as they come and go, completing the two or three back-to-back Bunburner Golds.  I may do a Saddlesore 1000 to get out there, depending on my mood.  It's not that much further.  Distance to Van Horn is 675 miles, just continue to Akela Flats, turn around and go back to Van Horn and it's done.  And I may do a Saddlesore to get home, as well.

Next up is the Jack Shoalmire Memorial In-State SS1000 the following weekend.  I have a great in-state route planned that is 2/3 secondary roads, with only the last 1/3 on interstate.  It will be interesting and not so crushingly boring as it could be if ridden all on interstate. 

A week later I'm riding up to Branson MO to scout sites for next year's MTF Founders Feast.  It should be a quick but fun trip, with a stop at my son's house in LA afterward to spend the weekend celebrating birthdays and an anniversary. 

A couple of weeks after that, I'm riding to Tampa FL to participate in the Florida Coast2Coast Ride, always an annual tradition for me.  I'm staying the following week in the Orlando area to visit and eat with friends, because the following weekend I'm running in a half marathon in St. Petersburg FL.  Ridng 1,000 miles home after running a half marathon??  Not too sure about this, but we'll see. if that trip to FL were not enough...two weeks later I'm riding back to Florida - to Panama City Beach - to stay at that really wonderful Marriott resort again.  I've once again traded one of my timeshare weeks for a lovely two-bedroom unit at this resort. 

And I can't forget the Stagecoach Ride to Eat on December 30!

Now let's see...adding up the projected mileage I'll be riding in the next 3 months, it looks like I'll add another 9,000 or so miles to the odometers of my two motorcycles.  This makes for a decent riding year for me:  About 22,000 miles for the year.

Last week while at Founders Feast someone suggested that maybe I wasn't riding very much anymore.  Now... I didn't have a chance to respond, as the conversation turned to another topic.  But if I had, I would have pointed out that just 3 months earlier, in late May, I had completed an IBA National Park Tour Silver, which entailed my visiting 76 national parks in 26 states including the four corner states of WA, CA, FL, and ME in less than 12 months.  Then in late May I rode to Santa Fe NM and rode the Taos and Enchanted Loop areas.  And that in late June I rode up to northern Wisconsin to the BMW RA Rally and to Duluth MN to visit Aerostich.  Makes a person go "Hmmmm...."  Guess I need to share my adventures with others a little more often.

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