Friday, September 16, 2011

On to the River Run

When you read this I'll be on the road, heading for Lansing Michigan and the Capital City River Run

I've never had so much trouble packing for a trip as I've had with this one.  I'm going from 100+ degree daytime high temperatures here in Houston to low 40's nightime lows in Lansing.  I haven't run in those kinds of temperatures since last January!   The forecasted temps on race day morning sit right at the breaking point between short sleeves and long sleeves for me.  Add to this the uncertainty of a forecast that's several days out.  This had me packing for all sorts of weather contingencies.   Well...running clothes don't take up very much room, so I threw stuff in that suitcase for all possibilities.

My last long run before the race - a taper-down distance - was just under 8 miles on Monday.  You know how, when you set out on a run, it might not feel good at first but eventually you settle into a rhythm and you finish strong?  Well not this time.  Not for me.  I woke up feeling sure that I would blow this run off all together.  The heat has returned with a vengeance to Texas after our brief respite, and the air quality is terrible.  Ozone from the heat and particulate matter from all of the nearby fires have the city under poor air quality alerts, with dire warnings to stay indoors, don't work or exercise outdoors.

I forced myself out the door, knowing I'd really lay the guilt trip on myself if I didn't.  It was a struggle to get going and it never got any better.  But I got it done.   Hooray for me!  

Next time you hear from me, I'll be in Lansing MI.

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