Sunday, September 4, 2011

Family Trumps Running

My training runs got derailed this past week...but I didn't mind at all.  Not at all.

A very tired daughter-in-law after disgorging
the contents of the Highlander into my livingroom
You see, my son and his family arrived in Houston late last week, enroute to their new Navy duty station in Mississippi.  They've been stationed in Hawaii these last 3 years and are now being transferred to Stennis Space Center.  Son flew to California, bought a new Toyota Highlander and drove to Houston, arriving last Thursday.  Daughter-in-law and two grandkids arrived last Friday morning by plane.  She continued on to their new house in Louisiana on Saturday morning to prepare for the arrival of their belongings, while son and grandkids stayed with me until this Tuesday.  The four of us then headed east to join daughter-in-law at their new house to await their furniture delivery and to unpack and get things set up. 

Grandson hugging "George"

In the midst of all this I managed to get two runs in but beyond Sunday, things fell apart pretty quickly.  It wasn't for lack of good intentions, though.  The running shoes came with me to Louisiana.  So did some running shorts and tops.  But it just didn't happen.  I'm okay with that.  Got plenty of mileage base built up and did a good 11 mile run the prior week.

We all arrived at the new, yet empty house on Tuesday late afternoon and, after ordering pizza and having a picnic-style dinner, I checked into the nearby Comfort Inn for the night.   I was up very early Wednesday morning so that I could drive my son into New Orleans to pick up his VW Passat, which had been shipped from Hawaii.  By the time I got back to their house, temperatures were well into the high 80s and the first of two loads of crated household goods were due at any time.  So, no chance to sneak a run in.  For the rest of the day I kept the two "munchkins" out from under foot of the movers and helped wherever I could in getting things unpacked and in the right rooms.
Sweet grand-daughter, still cheery
despite the long trip

We ordered Mexican food from a highly recommended restaurant nearby and had another dinner "picnic style."   Everyone was pretty tired after receiving and unpacking half a household in a hot house.  Overseas moves are "containerized" shipments, so only half the load came today; tomorrow the other half will be delivered.  Over dinner, we talked about the next day's plans and shared thoughts and opinions on furniture placement and usage of closet space.  It's a beautiful home, lots of space, but it's always a challenge, no matter how big a house is or how many closets there are, to make the best use of the space.

Thursday morning held promise of getting a good run through their new neighborhood before the second shipment arrived.  Only one problem:  None of the kitchenware, bed linens, or towels came in that first shipment.  We had bare mattresses, no sheets, no towels for the bathroom, so I opted to go back to the hotel and stay another night, where I could get a good night's sleep in a real bed, take a good shower with plenty of towels, and have a good cup of coffee and a very respectable breakfast.  This meant no nice, early run for me, as there was no time to do this, return to the hotel for a shower, check out, and then get back to their house early enough to greet the movers and help my son.  My daughter-in-law took the grandkids to their new pre-school to register and meet their teachers and staff, leaving my son and me to deal with this next load.
Son getting caught up on week's worth of emails

I wanted to leave for home around noon, so did the best I could to get whatever I could unpacked and put away, mostly kitchen items:  Pots and pans, bakeware, silverware, glassware.  It was very satisfying, getting those large boxes unpacked, get their contents put away, and the packing material back outside for the movers to crush and put back onto the truck. 

I'm back home and will get a couple of good runs in over the three day weekend, including my long run.  The satisfaction of helping family definitely trumped running this week.  Definitely.

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