Saturday, September 17, 2011

Capital Coffee

MI state capitol building
Lansing, emminently walkable small city with the flavor and 'stamp' of a university town.  I'm here to run a half marathon on Sunday but in the meantime, have a day or so to see the town, visit the fitness expo, and browse the coffee shops that are in abundance near the hotel.

 Michigan's state capitol building is just two blocks from the hotel.  Since this race is the Capital City River Run, I thought it fitting to stroll over and take a photo.

A happenin' coffee house scene
 Then it was off in search of some good coffee house latte. 

Saturday morning I bolted out of bed in a panic, checking the clock...8:37 AM.  Oh, no!!  I've overslept!  I ran over to the window, my heart pounding, my mind racing through the list of things I'd need to do to get out there to the start line.  I pulled back the drapes to peer out toward the road in front of the hotel, the road where the start line should be for the race.  Nothing.  No barriers, no start line banner, no crowd of runners, and no spectators.  What?!  It took me a few moments to realize, "This is Saturday, not Sunday.  This is expo and packet pickup day, not race day."

I hate it when this happens!  Too many nights on the road, too many strange hotel rooms.  Sometimes I hardly remember where I am, never mind, what day it is.

I relaxed and my heartrate returned to normal, as I readied to head over to the fitness expo at the Lansing Center next door to pick up my race packet.  It was a small expo, nearly all exhibitors representing wellness and health-related service providers.  No vendors selling running gear, so no shopping opportunity.  But I did get my photo taken with a rabbit!

I wandered down to the river trail and, walking along the river a bit, discovered Lansing City Market, an excellent find!  A combination of farmer's market, bakery, and co-op, it was brimming with organic vegetables, fruits, grains, homemade goods, and fresh prepared food.  Brunch!  I made some purchases and then sat outside on their large patio to enjoy the live music and the view out over the river. 

I couldn't resist taking photos of the fresh produce laid out so attractively at one of the stands.  The prices seemed very reasonable for organic vegetables and fruit.  It was hard not to shop!

The little combo band with female vocalist was very good!  She had a beautiful voice and their music style was easy on the ears.  Wonderful!

I was torn between staying here for a while longer, or taking a walk around the capitol building.  It was just too nice to disappear indoors, though I wanted to stay off my feet, stay hydrated.  The walk won out!

I circled the capitol building block, taking photos and making friends with this cute little fox squirrel.  Another visit to Deeker's Coffee Co. was in order, before I finally went back to the hotel for the afternoon. 

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