Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Raccoons are Smart!

Or, very wily, at least.  So...once again I baited the traps last night with tuna fish and banana, only this time I shoved the food way into the back corner of the cage.  I thought this would force the critters to go deep into the cage, turn sideways a bit to get at the food, and then trigger the spring door to close.  But, no it didn't.  The food was gone and the traps empty this morning. 

On to plan "B."  I'm going to put some fruit into a cloth or mesh bag and hang it from the roof of the cage, back in the corner.  My reasoning is that this will force the raccoon to sit on its haunches while trying to solve the "puzzle."   Hopefully, this action will trigger the release to close the door.

Wish me luck.  Will the third time be the charm??

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