Friday, August 19, 2011

Moon Showers

It was pitch dark when I struck out early Tuesday morning for my 10 mile Captiva Island run.  My headlamp illuminated a skinny path in front of me on the otherwise black and narrow road.  Running through the darkness, I heard an owl, a rapid woo-woo-woo call, somewhere in the trees off to my right, not too far away.

I could see lightning playing in the clouds off in the distance, illuminating the overcast sky.  Then, as the road took a bend to the right and headed toward the beachfront, a break in the clouds off to the west revealed a beautiful full moon.  It was still high in the sky, its silvery light outlining the clouds with a satin glow and creating a mystical skyscape over the Gulf waters.

To add to the magic of this moment, it began to rain ever so lightly, little more than a mist.  As I ran along the beach front, the sand glowed in the moonlight and the rolling surf sent its whispered murmurs into the night.  At that moment I was transfixed.  Moonlight, misty showers...moon showers!  Above the sound of the surf, thousands of tree frogs and insects chirped and chipped all around me.   The miles just flew by!

I was at the 5-mile turnaround point in what seemed like no time at all!  I paused for a few moments to look out over the water, watching the tides push toward the little bridge that separates Captiva from Sanibel Islands.  Mr. Moon was leaving his glitter-dusted fingerprints atop the ocean ripples, and a long slender streak of silver shot west toward the horizon.

Reverie over, I turned back north to return those 5 miles toward home base.  The sun was just coming up over the horizon as I entered the little town of Captiva.   A break in the vegetation on the east side of the road gave me a glimpse of a brilliant red ball sandwiched perfectly between the waters of the bay and a low-hanging cloud bank.  Gray veils of rain were visible to either side of the sun, harbingers of today's weather.  That rain would be coming our way and if I hurry, I'll make it home before it hits the island. 

It's mornings like this that make me glad that I am a runner...

š R

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