Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Looking Ahead

I love it when I have trips and races on my calendar.  The anticipation is wonderful!   My last "destination race" was the Cincinnati Flying Pig Marathon on May 1.  It meets nearly all of my criteria for the perfect race event weekend, including great support and swag, a truly excellent expo with large selection of merchandise and freebies, a looped route, and very scenic course.  But it's seriously hilly.  Other than that, a truly enjoyable race weekend.  I've done it twice, and have just signed up for next year's event.

My next event?  Capital City River Run Half-Marathon in Lansing, MI.  It's three weeks away and I'm really psyched to be running in a city that's new to me.   I started my mileage build-up in mid-July, after recovering from the Cincinnati Flying Pig, and am a week away from my longest training run before the event.  But I'm treating this race like just another training run.  It's got nothing to do with my training, but everything to do with the nature of the race course.  The route will have us climbing up and down stairs and over bridges as we run the Lansing River Trail along the Grand River, passing through parks and natural areas, across boardwalks, even right through the downtown area.  So it's less an opportunity for a good finish time, and more an opportunity to just have fun and enjoy what the city has to offer.

It's hard to know what the weather will be like, but surely it will be a little cooler than what we've been experiencing here in South Texas.  I look forward to that change and to the change in scenery, the excitement of a new-to-me event and...another road trip!

When this half-marathon is done, I will next turn my attention to the Women's Half Marathon in St. Petersburg, another new-to-me event and another change of scenery - a beautiful flat course - which always helps the miles go by quickly.  After mid-September, I'll drop my mileage down for a week or two to give my body a chance to recover, then I'll alternate between 8 and 11 miles for my weekly long runs and shoot for a weekly mileage total of around 22 and 25 miles for the last six weeks leading up to the Women's Half.

And then??  I'll be on the road, heading toward St. Petersburg and another really great event and fun weekend!  I'm really looking forward to WHM!  All good stuff!

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