Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Blind Munchies

I can tell when my weekly mileage starts to increase, because I become a bottomless pit! It seems no matter what I eat, nothing fills me up. I'm hungry...all of the time.

If I keep busy doing stuff, I don't notice, but if I'm sitting at the computer working, or if I'm watching TV, I'm overcome by the dreaded "blind munchies!" Food makes its way into my mouth without my even thinking about it. My favorites: Graham crackers, granola bars, pretzels, cheese, a luscious Texas peach. And then there's that dreaded "C" food... chocolate. I keep secret stashes of it around the house like a hopelessly unreformed alcoholic.

I'm guessing part of this is because I'm retired and without all the distractions of a busy job. Either that, or I just didn't notice my intake while sitting in an office. Well, come to think of it, there was always a box of Graham Crackers hidden in my desk, and those little yogurts tucked in the lunch room fridge.

It's a big class - we're divided into the 8 AM group and 9 AM group

But maybe the other part is that I've added some cross-training to my weekly miles. I never did that in the past; my busy job, running up and down flights of stairs all day, every day, eschewing the elevator, gave me plenty of that. So now, on my recovery days - the days I don't run - I've been doing water aerobics in the mornings three days a week. The water aerobics instructor is a drill sargeant and cuts no slack for anyone. It's rigorous and fast-paced and, as anyone knows who's ever done it, it can be as hard as you make it. Larger underwater movements, stand in deeper water, work with more and larger float boards...well, you get the idea.

Lining up for leg exercises

Actually, now that my long runs are up over 9 miles, my legs are balking at the idea of doing a long miler and then water aerobics the following day. I tried it last week, and boy oh boy! The next run, a 4 miler, my legs had gone on strike! It was like I had cement shoes on. Maybe I'll skip aerobics after that long run.

How most of us get to water aerobics class! (My Trek on the far right)

So...note to self: Make that water aerobics TWO days a week!



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