Sunday, July 24, 2011

What is that smell??

Have I mentioned how hot it is here in Houston?  I mean....have I complained enough about the 80-degree early morning temperatures, the still air with absolutely no breath of a breeze, the humidity that assails the body and prevents sweat from evaporating?  Well, if not, then let me whine a little more about it.  But I realize we're not alone in this.  Vast regions of the rest of the country are suffering as well.  And I suppose we're not suffering nearly as much, since this is "business as usual" for us here on the Gulf Coast and everything here in Houston is air-conditioned to the point of goose bumps.  I think I've read somewhere that Houston has more "tonnage" of air conditioning than anywhere else in the country. 

But here's the story.   Friday morning I awoke nice and early and got out just at dawn for a run.  I'd done a long run on Wednesday, so this run didn't need to be so long, just a 4 or 5 mile recovery run.  I've tossed modesty out the window in this heat and taken to just wearing shorts and jog bra - no shirt or tank top.  When I returned from the run my jog bra was completely soaked with sweat as were the running shorts.

I followed my usual routine after my run, had breakfast, checked my emails, read the newspaper on-line, then headed to the bathroom to get cleaned up and dressed, tossing my running clothes into the hamper enroute to the shower.   And I didn't give it another thought.  Just went about the rest of my day, running errands, watching the Tour de France, doing a little housework.  

Fast forward two days and it's now Sunday morning.  I awoke a little later this morning so, knowing I wanted to get a run in, I rushed about getting my running clothes on and out the door.  But what's that smell?  It was a vague smell and I couldn't quite put my finger on what it was and where it was coming from.  But a couple of hours later, when I headed back into the bathroom to shower and get dressed, my nose was assaulted by that odor.  It seemed much stronger than a couple of hours earlier...or mabye it was because I was now awake and alert.  It was a musty, moldy smell and it sure was strong. 

Many thoughts passed through my mind as to its source.  Could it be a leak somewhere?  Was it coming from the attic?  But a few steps into the walk-in closet where the hamper is, and I immediately knew where that smell was coming from.  Oh, yeah...remember those soggy, sweaty, wet running clothes from Friday?  The ones I thoughtlessly tossed into the clothes hamper??

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