Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Time to Get Serious!

Where has the time gone??  I took a peek at the calendar and realized - shoot! - my next half marathon, the Capital City River Run - is just two short months away.  Ack!!

After running the Flying Pig Marathon on May 1, I 've been taking it easy...sort of...and putting in just maintenance miles.  No runs longer than 5 or 6 miles, no week with more than 13 or 14 total miles.  And, gasp!  Even a week or two with no running at all!   So...down to the business of getting those progressively longer runs in, systematically accumulating more miles, testing myself in this simply awful heat of south Texas.

I'm looking forward to the Capital City River Run.  The event runs on paved trails right downtown in Lansing.  I may bring a camera with me and be a running tourist!  I'm treating the race as if it were just another long run and don't expect to post a PR.  My goal is to just have fun!

The next race on my calendar is the Women's Half Marathon in St. Petersburg, FL.  I wrote about this a few months back, Houston Marathon Lottery, when I was looking for an alternate race in case I didn't make the Houston Marathon Lottery for the 2011 race.  But I was selected for Houston, and filed the information about that St. Petersburg race into my memory.

A month ago, when the lottery opened again for the 2012 Houston Marathon, I resurrected this memory of the St. Petersburg event.  I didn't make the lottery so went ahead and registered for this Women's Half in mid-November and made my room reservation at the Hampton Inn.  National Running Day  So now I have two half marathons coming up:  Capital City River Run in mid-September and Women's Half in mid-November. 

Time to get serious.

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