Saturday, July 30, 2011

Pretty Red Motorcycles

I brought my FZ6 in to the dealer's this week for an oil change and to have the brakes flushed.  I thought I'd had that done last fall but a quick review of my maintenance log showed otherwise.  Yikes!  Bad girl!  A little overdue (like a year overdue) but better late than never.  The oil change was a little early, but I like to think months, not miles on this bike, since she doesn't get ridden as much as the BMW. 

I got to the dealer's at around 9:30 a.m., Kindle, snack food, some sandals in a tote bag, and was prepared to wait while they did the work.  This dealer is so good to me!  I've purchased 5 motorcycles from the Yamaha dealership that was ultimately acquired by this dealership, and some of the staff came with the acquisition.  So the service manager knows me well, as does the service writer.  The Yamaha technician never fails to come find me and chat a bit whenever he sees my bike show up in the shop, even if he's not been assigned to work on it. 

The nice thing about spending time at a dealership this size, and with this much inventory, is that there's plenty to do.  Early morning on a weekday, the sales floor staff are eager to chat and to encourage me to sit on the bikes.  This day was no different.  They had a black FZ8 on the showroom and the staff were more than anxious for me to sit on it, since I rode an FZ6.  They even offered to get it prepped for me to take a test ride.  I knew that would be my wallet.

The dealership recently acquired the Ducati dealership nearby and will be moving their motorcycle business across the highway to that facility, which is larger and newer and more suited to the mix of brands they now carry.  This now-defunct Ducati dealership had taken on BMW's a while back, but they weren't servicing them reliably, so BMW's were included in the acquisition of the Ducati dealership.  The ATV/watersports business will stay here at this location.  The move is supposed to happen Sun/Mon. 

This will be exciting for me, since I'll now have a BMW service department close to home once more, and I'll be dealing with a service department I trust and like.  Keeping a BMW dealership on this side of town has been a rocky business.   The Yamaha dealer had them for a number of years, and that's where I bought my first BMW.  When they gave up the brand  few years ago, we no longer had service available close by.  Then a  new BMW shop opened just up the road - it was a satellite store to a dealership in the Woodlands.  It wasn't long before that dealership went out of business.  This left us BMW riders with two choices for authorized service:  Wild West BMW in Katy TX, an hour away; or Gulf Coast BMW, closer at 20 minutes away but with a questionable service department.

So, as I sat there eating my granola bar and browsing through their assortment of motorcycle magazines, I had a nice lineup of Ducati's sitting before me on the showroom floor:  A Monster 696, a Diavel and a Diavel Carbon, and a Multistrada 1200 S Touring.  All in shiny, luscious arrest-me red.

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