Friday, June 17, 2011

Tire Update on Zooty BMW

Procrastinating just isn't in my genes.  I thought about the condition of those tires on the BMW and considered the number of miles I'd be riding up to Wisconsin, the possible side-trips once there, and thought there probably wasn't enough rubber left to do this trip.

When I woke up this morning, I knew I was going to jump on the bike and ride over to my favorite motorycle tire store - Discount Motorcycle Tires- and put new "shoes" on the BMW.  I love this place!  Lynn, the co-owner, recognizes me as soon as I walk up to the tire counter.  "Back again??" she asks as she pulls the sign-in blotter towards her and starts writing my name.  I give them all of my motorcycle tire business.  That's 3 sets of tires a year, on average, between the two motorcycles.   They're fast; they're efficient, and they have a whole staff and shop dedicated only to motorcycle tire installation. 

A couple of years ago, I won a pair of Dunlop RoadSmarts from the American Motorcyclist Association.  I did a few of their AMA Grand Tours in past years and earned a "Special Finisher" plaque and a pair of Dunlops.  A devout Michelin user, I was reluctant to install these and had them wrapped in plastic and tucked in a back closet.  Then last summer I was getting my FZ6 ready for a BBG to the IBA Meet in Denver.  She needed a new chain and sprockets and new tires.  I thought about this a bit, considering how much the chain and sprockets were already going to cost, and here I have these new tires, absolutely free, sitting in my closet.  So I drove them over to the Yamaha dealer, and brought the FZ6 back for a full service, chain/sprocket, new tires.

During that BBG, I had plenty of different riding conditions thrown at me and was very impressed with how these Dunlops weren't fazed by any of it.  They had a very positive road feel and handling

So, standing at that tire counter at Discount Tires, I hesitated only for a moment before asking if they had those Dunlops in stock in my size.  They did. In less than an hour they had me back on the road, my BMW sporting a brand new pair of Dunlop RoadSmarts.

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