Wednesday, June 1, 2011

National Running Day, June 1

Not coincidentally, National Running Day also happens to be opening day for the Houston Marathon lottery registration.  This morning I registered for the lottery and will know on June 23 if I made it in or not. 

Meanwhile, I revisited the website for another half marathon, one that I stumbled upon last summer.  Back then I was searching potential alternate late-2010 races in case I didn't make it past the lottery system for the 2011 Houston marathon.  This half marathon website is for the Women's Half Marathon Series and has one in St. Petersburg FL in November.  At the Fitness Expo at Flying Pig in Cincinnati they had a booth which gave me a chance to chat with some representatives, ladies who'd run the race themselves.

Everything about this Womens Half sounded perfect. Women's Half Marathon - St Petersburg FL  It's a loop course, flat, interesting, and is within walking distance of a couple of good hotel options, including Hampton Inn.  Last night I went to their website again to find the date for the 2011 event.  It's the Sunday before Thanksgiving.  I went to the Hampton Inn site to check rates for a hotel room for that weekend (Fri-Sun).  A little "spendy" but so have the other hotels I've stayed at for "away" races. 

I went ahead and booked the room (it can always be cancelled without penalty up to the reservation date) and then went back to the race webpage to contemplate this further.  Let's see...if I drive to this event I can always stop in LA on my way home and visit my son and his family, since they'll be living there by then.  Or I could fly to Tampa and rent a car for the weekend.  There's at least two good options.  The race registration is a little "spendy" as well, but pretty much in line with the cost of other marathons/half-marathons.  So...I clicked on the "register" link and did the deed.

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