Thursday, June 16, 2011

Getting Ready...Trip to RA Rally in Wisconsin

Time to start thinking about this in earnest.  Departure date is 11 days away and there may be a few things to take care of.   The Zooty BMW is taking me on this trip and she's recently - 2,000 miles ago - had a major service.

The route is straightforward:  North through Texas to Oklahoma, northeast to the western edge of Arkansas, then north through that central tier of states that stack like bricks all the way up to the Canadian border.  Kansas, Nebraska, Iowa, Minnesota, then a jog east into Wisconsin.  Two and a half days to get there:  Stop for the first night in Alma AR, stop for the second night in Story City IA, then arrive in Chippewa Falls mid-day the third day.

I've had my motel reservation for months, now.  I've learned that it pays to jump on this as soon as the location of the rally is announced, usually 6 or 7 months ahead for the RA rally, about 11 months ahead for the MOA rally.  I made reservations at two different motels, and will cancel one of them the day before I hit the road to head north.

So what's left?  The tires on the Zooty have 14,500 miles on them.  They're Michelin Pilot Road 2's and the wear has been phenomenal.  There's no cupping on the front tire, and the rear is not squared-off, though a close inspection shows that it's getting near the wear bar on the rear, not too bad on the fronts.  Guess I need to get new "shoes" on Zooty before the trip.

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  1. Barb,

    Today, I helped an IBR participant change his front PR2 out on an ST1300 and I was amazed at how flexible those tires are compared the 'stones I use on the Wing or ST1100. He gets good mileage out of his like you are getting.