Sunday, June 26, 2011

Back to Wisconsin

Way, way back in the early 1980's, as a product manager for a line of medical laboratory diagnostic instruments, I took a trip to Wisconsin to travel with one of our territory reps.  I flew into the Madison airport and we headed northwest into the heart of the state, making sales calls at hospitals scattered around the region, in Wassau, Au Claire, and other pretty little towns in the heart of dairy country.  We also made a call at a cheese factory - a Land O' Lakes cheese factory at that!  Our clinical analyzers worked on slurry, as well, to measure the salinity.  I tasted my first cheese curds at this factory and soon developed a connoiseur's palate for fine (meaning fresh) curds.

Thirty years later, friend Mike and I rode through eastern Wisconsin on our way home from the BMW RA rally on the Upper Peninsula.  We hugged the shore of Lake Michigan for a part of the way, passing through Green Bay, Manitowoc, Sheboygan.   I vowed I'd get back to this state one day.  So when BMW RA announced this year's rally would be in Chippewa Falls, really some of the prettiest countryside around, I made the decision to attend this rally rather than the BMW MOA rally next month in PA.

Plans got underway:  Riding route mapped out to get there, reservations made in Chippewa Falls and along the way to get there.  With a recently serviced BMW and new tires, she sits in the garage, her windscreen cleaned, gas tank full, and mostly packed, ready to go. 

We'll leave tomorrow morning, 6:00 AM, to be ahead of the rush hour traffic.

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