Friday, May 6, 2011

Pigs Can Still Fly - Confirmed on May 1

Okay, I know that I reported on this last year at this link: 2010 Flying Pig Marathon, and that my report was in the pig's favor.  But what if that was just a fluke?  It certainly warranted another trip back to Cincinnati to confirm that this is, indeed, true and not an anomaly.

So on Thursday morning, April 28, I packed my bag and got in the car to head to Cincinnati to confirm this once and for all.    I was ready.  The running shoes, shorts, shirt, cap were packed.  Socks and Gu and Glide were safely tucked in the bag.  Reservations awaited me at the Hyatt in downtown just blocks from the start line.  And my race packet and ticket to the pasta dinner were being held for me at the Fitness Expo at the convention center across from the hotel.

They put on a great Expo (again) and still have incredibly friendly volunteers.  Impeccable organization, too.   The Pasta dinner was a little less "magical" for me this year, since I didn't find any interesting table mates to sit with this time (unlike last year).   But, still, the "buzz" and "hype" were there as well as the "pigs" and "grunts."


Unbelievably, it was even a repeat of last year's weather:  Glorious sunshine and moderate temps on Saturday, thunder, lightning and heavy rains on Sunday morning.  Like a broken record.  But, once wet, it really doesn't matter...and the rains let up (just like last year) within the first 30 minutes after the start of the race. 

Even the hills hadn't changed from last year.  They're still there and, if anything, were even steeper.  Or maybe it's just me, getting a year older. 

In any case, the finish line was still there with all the hoopla and excitement which really helped to pull me down that last tenth of mile to the finish.  It was still hard.  It was still fun.  And the Cincy chili, this time at Skyline Chili is still the perfect post-race recovery meal.  Thank you to John F., John S., Don K., and Tom S. for showing up and sharing the moment with me.   Oh, and the little cupcake bakery is still there at the Hilton and their cupcakes are still great!

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