Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A friend's new Kawi Concours 14 is Hatched

Did friend Steve sleep any last night? I wonder that, because whenever I have a "big day" coming up I rarely sleep well the night before. Steve's "big day" was today and it entailed taking delivery on his brand new Kawasaki Concours 14.

Friend Mike rode his BMW K1100RS over to my house to meet up and ride out to Katy and Wild West Honda/Kawasaki/BMW for the excitement and photo op. Nothing like a brand new motorcycle to inject new enthusiasm into the personal sport of riding.

It was cold and crisp this morning when I opened the garage door and then backed the BMW R1200R out into the driveway. A few minutes later and Mike and I were riding up 288 to the Beltway, which would take us north to I-10. Less than 40 minutes later we pulled into the parking lot at Wild West and went inside in search of Steve and his new bike.

We found him:

And a whole group of folks, there to see him off on his maiden ride on the new bike:

Paperwork done, photos taken, now what?

Lunch, of course! Steve needed to take it easy during the first 1,000 mile break-in period so this meant not getting onto the interstate if we didn't have to. So he led the way heading west on US-90 to take some curvy roads and finish at Tony's in Sealy for a late lunch.

After lunch, everyone scattered, but Mike and I hung around long enough to get photos of Steve leaving the restaurant:

Was it my imagination or had the wind really picked up while we were inside eating lunch? It felt so much colder, too. Close to home, top of the gas tank, then park the zooty BMW in the garage. Nice short ride: 130 miles, but good to get the girl out for some exercise!

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  1. Hi Barb,
    Just checkin' in on your blog to see what you're up to. Like Steve's new ride. I'm from the "other" school of motor break-in. I think you need to ride 'em like you're going to ride 'em. The only thing is you don't want to run at steady rpms. Running them up and down the rpms helps "stretch" the pistons and seats the rings. Of course, you don't red line it. But that ol' stay below x rpm never seemed to work as well for me. But, hey, opinion, it's what makes the jukebox play.
    Enjoy the blog.