Saturday, January 1, 2011

Cooper's BBQ RTE

New Year's day and a ride to New Braunfels TX for some good BBQ! It was a lunch ride - a RTE - called by friend and fellow former co-worker Steve. He posted it on the MTF forum and I was in! We both wimped out on the ride over to Stockton AL (just north of Mobile) for a big annual RTE event held at the Stagecoach Inn. Forecasts for that day, December 30, were for rain. Heavy rain. And if I had done this ride, it would follow me all across I-10 and greet me the next morning and stay with me much of the way home. We had 4" of rain in my hometown that day.

So now I'm primed for a good New Year's day ride....185 miles to New Braunfels for a good meal at the legendary Cooper's BBQ. I talked friend Keith into riding out there and he did, meeting me at the restaurant just as we were all ready to walk inside to pick our choice of meats from their giant covered warming grills. There was a good turnout: about 14 or 15 of us, including a fellow that Steve met randomly at a gas stop on his way to Cooper's. It was a nice fellow on a Harley Road Glide, heading to Junction TX, so he joined us. Glad he did!

The weather was a little chilly in the morning with some stiff winds coming straight out of the north and blowing 25-30 mph steady. Coming home after lunch, though, it had warmed up nicely, enough that I didn't need to turn on my electric jacket liner and the winds seemed to have moderated some. Not totally, but enough to only need to ride on the sidewalls half the time, not all of the time.

Friend Keith rode back toward Houston with me, following behind and when I neared the exit for Brookshire I signaled, expecting that he'd pull up along side and wave goodbye before continuing on toward his home on the north side of the city. But he followed me off the exit ramp and to the Exxon gas station on the south side of the interstate.

So we had a few more minutes to spend together, saying goodbye and determining what each other's schedules would be for the week - and possible opportunity to get together again - before we each headed in our own different directions.


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  1. I'm up for BBQ when I get back there toward August!!!!