Sunday, December 26, 2010

Serious Overdose

Is it possible to overdose on chocolate? I'm considering the possibility that it is indeed entirely likely.

Here in this house it's always feast or famine when it comes to that dark, creamy brown stuff. Either I have it in the house in obscene abundance, or I have none at all for months at a time. I made a quick trip to Walgreen's a couple of weeks before Christmas to buy some non-Christmas related items but walked out of there with a trove of chocolate goodies: Mint M&M's, Ghirardelli chocolate squares in several flavors, and the ever-popular (at least in this household) Ghirardelli peppermint bark....two bars!

Then a week later, in an attempt to capture that elusive holiday spirit, I made some strawberry cream cheese sugar cookies with dark chocolate drizzle.

This emboldened me to attempt a very good recipe given to me by a friend: Toffee saltines with dark chocolate. I gotta say these are my all-time favorites, far surpassing previous favorites and holiday "staples" that have long held onto their spots on my "favorites" list, such as gingerbread cookies, Spritz cookies, and those powdered sugar 'snow balls' my mom made so well.

I gave away a little plateful of my cookie creations to a neighbor last week, thinking, "Good! Fewer cookies for me to eat!" But then she showed up on my doorstep with a little reciprocating plate of some ridiculously decadent dark chocolate bark containing M&M bits and dried apricots.

So began the "feast" portion of that "feast or famine" syndrome I seem to suffer from.


It is now the day after Christmas and the strawberry cream cheese sugar cookies are mostly gone. Thankfully. The chocolate-covered toffee saltine cookies are still in abundance in my fridge, however. The plate of my neighbor's dark chocolate bark still sits here mostly untouched, despite how decadent and delicious it is.

As to all of that store-bought high-end chocolate: The Ghirardelli mint chocolate squares and caramel chocolate squares are gone, but the raspberry chocolate squares sit unopened on a shelf of the pantry, and may continue to do so for months. The bag of mint chocolate M&M's are gone but the bag of cherry chocolate M&M's are unopened and don't even tempt me anymore. But those two Ghirardelli peppermint bark bars?? Well, let me just say that at least one of them has "football bowl game" written all over it.


  1. That struck a cord. Ours is not a chocolate house either, but there is a boxful on the table, with a combination of all kinds of sweet treats. Just as we make a dent in it, another plateful, boxful or bagful arrives to take its place.

    I do enjoy a small amount of chocolate but will be glad to see it as a fond memory, rather than a constant temptation.

    And I didn't even KNOW that Ghiradelli made peppermint bark. That could be dangerous knowledge!

  2. Oh my! Reading this has made me especially craving something, actually ANYTHING covered in dark chocolate! I've not seen the cherry chocolate M&M's before. Dangerous knowledge for me too! Toffee Saltines are a favorite of mine, but I no longer make any sweets. Sigh. My poor blood sugar levels have increased just reading this blog! Great write-up!