Wednesday, December 1, 2010

I Could Get Used To This

An embarrassing glut of timeshare weeks have accumulated and now I'm concentrating on chipping away at this glut by incorporating stays into my motorcycle travels whenever I can. When I can't do that, I just pack up the car instead. So, for 2010, I've managed to use up a week visiting Sedona AZ (in May), Lake Havasu City (in early November), and now Lake Buena Vista, FL this week.

I'm in a very nice timeshare unit at the Marriott World Center Resort, in Lake Buena Vista, FL. It's a very well-appointed 2 bedroom, 2 bathroom unit with full kitchen, large living room, screened-in lanai, and absolutely decadent master suite. The linens on the beds are exquisitely luxurious, and the master bathroom...oh, my! Giant walk-in shower with multiple shower heads and one of those really cool rain-shower overhead shower heads. Flat-screen TV's in every room.

A friend joined me on this trip, taking advantage of the spare bedroom/bathroom and the opportunity to meet my friends and fellow MTF riders.

When we arrived here Monday late afternoon we unpacked the bikes and ate dinner at one of the many resort restaurants. Returning to the unit, there was a giant frog just hangin' out on the railing on our front porch. Awesome!

A nice 3 mile run the next morning, even though it was warm and humid, got the day started well, after being folded up on the bike for 1,000 miles. Breakfast'ed, showered, caught up on emails, and the first order of business this day was to solve an electrical problem on my friend's bike: His heated jacket liner wasn't heating up and swapping out the controller did not solve the problem, so obviously a wiring problem.

That problem now solved, we geared up and headed out to the Walmart to stock up on some groceries for the week. While eating at the resort restaurants is tempting, it's also very expensive. We had fun cruising the aisles trying to put together a few meals for breakfast and dinner and getting some lunch items just in case. Fortunately we both ride bikes with lots of luggage space and we divvied up the groceries between the two bikes and headed back to the resort to unpack the goods and then chill out for the afternoon. We'd had a couple of long riding days to get here so we deserved it.

Steaks, baked potatos, tossed salad and wine for dinner that night.

There are quite a few MTF members located in FL, and one of them called a ride-to-eat (RTE) for Wednesday at a place called Cherry Pocket Steak & Seafood Shak [sic] on Lake Pierce, near Dundee FL. So today we headed south the 37 miles to meet up with a group of MTF'ers for lunch. The weather was glorious today. Sunny, dry, cool in the 60's. Ten of us showed up for lunch and we all sat outside on the deck to enjoy a great lunch and some good visit time.

Tomorrow we may ride up to St. Augustine, get a FL national park stamp for me, which will finish up my fifth IBA National Park Tour, and my friend can get his Senior Park Pass.


  1. We're in the process of transferring our timeshare weeks into RCI so we can use them. Glad you are enjoying yours!

    Thanks so much for all the pics. We had thought we'd be there for the RTE but just not to be.

    Love the frog photo...I remember having one inside our garage in FL. It made a LOT of noise bouncing around inside. It was HUGE!

  2. Wow, I need to move to Florida. I took a ride on 1Dec2010 in Western, New York and my toes almost froze off.