Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Light as Air, Bright as the Sun

The weather "landscape" has changed here in the flood plains of Texas. The air is light and fresh, the skies as clear and blue as they ever get, and the sun has been glorious! It's weather we don't usually see until late October, so what's up with this?!

A series of high pressure systems have been parking themselves over the whole state of Texas for the past week which have kept the streaming humid SW winds at bay over the Gulf of Mexico, and have created a wide chute for cooler air to slip in from the north. So I'm lovin' it! We're all lovin' it down here!

"Take advantage of it!" I said to myself. "Get out there and run. Get out there and ride." I've been waiting for this weather!

Saturday was a long run - 6 miles - still in "recovery" mode from the Maui Half Marathon. The run was beyond fabulous! Another run yesterday, this time shorter but much faster. Another run tomorrow morning. Another run Friday morning. Then a good long run on Sunday.

And riding! Sunday morning I got on the BMW and rode 40 miles up to the north side of Houson, met up with a friend, and we both rode into the Piney Woods area for a 100 miles or so on some fine little ribbons of twisty, hilly road before finding a fabulous lakefront restaurant and enjoying lunch on their deck overlooking the water. We lazed and lingered over lunch, making imaginary plans to visit exotic places where we could dive and snorkel, go sailing, beachcomb. We each have 2 grandchildren of almost exactly the same ages so there was a lot of comparison and cooing to be done over their growth and development.

Today the FZ6 and I rode south with a fellow former co-worker who's also now retired. We had lots of catching up to do: Children's careers, grandchildren, ride reports from recent trips, the general state of retirement. We took the indirect route south to Bacliff and had a fabulous seafood lunch at Noah's Ark on Galveston Bay. Just perfect, perfect!

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  1. You came to Bacliff and didn't tell me! Ya know, that's where I live. I wouldn't been at Noah's in a second... lol

    Miss you but glad to see you keeping busy. Sounds like all the planning for your forum's feast is going to lead to a great event. :)