Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Kailua Beach Day

My trip to Hawaii is nearly over and we haven't been to the beach yet! So last night I suggested ot Christina that we take the kids to the beach in the morning, spend all morning, get them good and tired, have lunch, then let them nap. And that's exactly what we did!

We loaded the two kids, towels, tent, chair, and headed to the beach.

Christina and Trevor headed down to the waterfront and I put Marissa into this cool little pup-tent under a tree to see if she'd nap.

Of course she didn't so she and I went down to the water to play, as well. I dipped her toes into the Pacific Ocean.

A little bit of playing around and Marissa started looking sleepy so Christina sat with her, see if she'd take a little nap, which she did.

Trevor and I played in the gentle waves, wrote letters in the sand, dug a hole to see if we could find Texas.

This is such a gorgeous beach park in Kailua, and it's only steps away from my son's house.

A young Japanese couple were playing in the waves nearby. They spent an inordinate amount of time setting their camera up on self-timer and trying to catch themselves in a mid-air leap. It took them several attempts to catch both of them in the air at the same time. Meanwhile, in the comfort of my beach chair, I was able to get a good shot, plus all of the miss-timed shots made for amusing entertainment for me and them!

Some "chillin'" time with Marissa and Trevor:

At one point, while Christina and Trevor were out in the water, a large sea turtle swam up behind them. I got Christina's attention and pointed the turtle out to her. She and Trevor were able to walk along side the turtle for quite a distance as it swam parallel to the beach.

Trip to Hawaii and visit with son and his family is almost over. Tomorrow evening I fly back to Texas. But it's been a really great visit: Plenty of time with Christina, Trevor, and Marissa, not enough time with son Jeremy, though.

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