Monday, September 20, 2010

Arriving on Oah'u to visit family

It's a tough job but someone's got to do it! Visiting son and family on the island of Oah'u for 12 days...such a tough life!

Actually, the hardest part, for me anyway, is the dreadfully long flight over there from Houston. 8 1/2 hours if there's not much headwind, as much as 11 hours if the headwind is strong. I find it really hard to sit in one place for that long!! Even with a first-class seat on Continental.

But - finally - the wheels touched down in Honolulu and son and granddaughter were in the baggage claim area to greet me. Finally! I got to meet my precious little granddaughter for the first time! She is just a little doll!

My daughter-in-law Christina and grandson Trevor were awaiting my arrival back at their house. Hooray! Let the visiting and grandchild spoiling begin!


Son Jeremy would be working while I'm here, so we had to make the most of the only weekend day we'd have together. Christina had some school work she needed to finish up, so we left her alone and packed the little ones up and headed to the north shore of Oah'u to visit Waimea Beach Park - a beautiful botanical gardens park and waterfall. It was a good opportunity for Trevor to run around a bit and to enjoy the flowers, the koi in the pond, and the peacocks on the grounds.

We then continued on to Haleiwa on Waialua Bay for lunch. It was a funky and tiny little shop with walk-up counter and shaded picnic tables out front. Jeremy and I had Ahi tuna sandwiches while Trevor had a hot dog. We had a visiting feral chicken come check us out, particularly little Marissa who was in her car seat which we'd set on the ground next to us.

Along the route between the park and lunch, we drove past a beach known for its large sea turtles. Traffic was crawling along as we all gawked at the beach. We could tell where the turtles were by the groups of people standing on the beach.

After lunch we took an in-land route back to Kailua so that Jeremy could show me the pineapple farms that fill the high plateau between the mountains. It was a pleasant drive and soon we were back in Kailua. A long day, but very pleasant, and long enough to let Christina finish writing her paper for class and to study for her final exam.

The next few days drifted and lazed along, with the only structure given to it by the needs and wants of the two grandkids. One day it was a trip to the commissary, another it was over to the Pearl Harbor area for a haircut for Trevor. In between were feedings, naps, story time, and meals. All very laid-back. One day, while Trevor was in pre-school, we three girls took the opportunity to go out for lunch at a recommended sushi place. When we picked Trevor up after pre-school, we took him to his favorite playground for some "romping" time.

Soon it was Thursday evening, and the next day Jeremy would drop me off at the airport on his way to work so that I could fly to Maui for the weekend. I'd hoped they could all come with me, spend a nice long weekend built around my running the Maui Half Marathon, but it wasn't to be. Jeremy was unable to get away from work. So with money committed to the marathon entrance fee and hotel and air reservations already made, I went alone.

Tomorrow: Hop over to Maui for a weekend of sightseeing and racing

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