Friday, August 27, 2010

The BMW R1200R and I Go Have Pie for Lunch!

The zooty white BMW has been sitting alone and forlorn in the garage for more than a month...nearly 5 weeks to be exact. I really need to get her out, rotate the air in the tires, move the oil around in the engine, and top off the battery charge. But it's been so damned hot this past week!

We're supposed to have a little break in the heat here in the Houston area this weekend, so a quick 3 mile run in the morning and then maybe a little ride...say, about 100 miles or so...on the BMW. I thought maybe find a bakery down south of me and make a coffee and donut run.

So I called friend Mike, see if he'd be up for a short little ride this morning, and he's "in!" We agreed to a 10:00 AM start, but delays moved it to 11:00 and then 11:30 AM before we could get on the road. This changed the ride from a donut run to a pie run. So we're going to Tony's in Sealy for a good homestyle lunch and then homemade pie.


I had the bike backed out of the garage but when Mike arrived, he announced that he had a brake problem on his K1100RS. They seemed to be sticking, but repeated hard braking in my driveway failed to replicate the problem so we decided to just go ahead and head out. He admitted that the bike had been sitting up for a couple of months and hopefully it's just a temporary problem.

When I hit the starter button on my bike, the starter turned over surprise. But she did start. So, finally, we were on the road headed west. We took the long way - down 59 to 99 - to get to 1093 toward Fulshear. My, but 99 has really gotten built up! Traffic light after traffic light after traffic light convinced me that US 90-A would have been faster and shorter.


Chicken and dumplings, cooked greens, corn, cornbread.

For dessert: chocolate meringue pie.


Earlier this week, friend Keith and I had made arrangements to get his BMW in to the dealer's for a possible brake problem. The plan was to get it over there Thursday morning and I'd meet him there, be available to give him a ride home if the bike needed more work. But...his bike wouldn't start, dead battery. He put it on the charger but by early afternoon it still wouldn't start. We agreed that he would keep it on the charger until Friday morning and try again and then call me by noon Friday with the verdict.

So, I kept my cell phone close at hand during my lunch ride today but did not hear from friend Keith until I got home. He called just minutes before I walked in the door, saying that he was at the BMW dealer after having driven down earlier in the day, buying a new battery, returning back to his house to get the battery installed. I got out of my riding gear, put on some shorts and sandals, and then drove over to the BMW dealer to meet up with him.

Turns out it was the rear seal on his final drive...very good news, as it could have been much worse. The bike isn't going anywhere today so I drove Keith up to his house, where he put together a light dinner for us both and we got caught up on kids, grandkids, travel plans and life.

Long, but very good day. And...I got chocolate meringue pie!


  1. Beautiful Weather,

    A ride with a good friend,

    and pie!

    It doesn't get much better than that

  2. Man...was it collard greens? I love Tony's, and I love collards!!!!
    Have you stopped at the cafe in Chappel Hill? The one next to the Exxon? They have great breakfasts and pretty good lunches. Claye and I stopped in on one her rides through Tejas.

    Nice ride, Barb. Look out, I've found your blog. You can blame Claye for that.