Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Houston Marathon: I'm in...

Houston marathon and half-marathon went to a lottery system this year for the 2011 event. No surprise and fully expected, given the debacle that was last year's event registration. Both events filled within 36 hours of open registration and there were reportedly thousands of unhappy runners who didn't manage to get registered because of an overloaded internet registration system.

So yesterday I received the email that said "Congratulations." I'm in and my credit card has now been charged the registration fee. I will be very curious to see what the total numbers are, and how many folks entered the lottery versus how many made it in. Based on the hundreds of comments made at the marathon page on Facebook, I'm betting that the numbers are down significantly and that everyone who entered the lottery made it into the race.

Guess I'm now committed, even though I've been scouting a few other alternate races in the Dec-Feb timeframe. I'll do Houston, since I've paid my money, but I may do one or two others that look very interesting, as well. We'll see...

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