Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Heat and Hummingbirds

It's been so hot here in Houston. We've been setting new heat records every day this month. Unfortunately, the weather pattern that has set up this heat is also preventing the nights from cooling down. So, our lows have been in the low 80's. The weatherman says this is because of the high humidity, which prevents cool-down in the evening. That concept is beyond me, but it must be true.

As a runner, I've had to deal with this early morning heat. Normally, getting out early in the morning, before the sun rises, will get me low to mid-70's temps this time of year. Not so, this year. This month, no matter how early I'm getting out there, it's hot and humid! If I don't finish my longer runs by 8:00 AM, I'm flirting with 90 degree temps as the sun gets above the horizon.

This morning the slightly cooler air was immediately noticeable as I walked out the front door. It was maybe 77-78 degrees but, compared to what it's been, it felt like a downright cold snap! To add to the delight, a full moon was setting in the west as a blood-red sun was rising in the east.

It was a good run and, afterward, I ate my breakfast and watched the hummingbirds and their antics at my feeders.

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