Friday, July 9, 2010

Tomorrow is the Day!

Tomorrow morning I get on the road, heading north and west toward Redmond OR and the annual BMW MOA rally. The bike has new "shoes" and had a thorough service done at Wild West BMW last week. She sits out there in the garage, nearly packed and ready to go. I sense some excitement on her part, since she's always rarin' to go! Little red FZ6 was looking rather forlorn and forgotten, not ridden in more than a month, so I took her out for a nice ride this week, used up the 1/2 tank of gas and filled her with a fresh tankful.

Under pressure to fulfill my commitment to Brooks Running as a "test mule" for them, I ran an inordinate number of miles this week. Sort of "banking" the miles, you might say... Both pairs of test shoes have seen equal numbers of miles these past 4 weeks, and I've come very close to the committed number of miles promised to Brooks when I applied for this gig. One of the two pair are packed on my bike, ready to see some use while on the road. Since the weather here has been downright miserable - very hot, very humid - I'm looking forward to the cool mornings and evenings I'll start seeing once I get into Colorado. packed, plants watered, mail put on hold, and some "just in case" tropical storm precautions taken such as stowing the patio furniture and packing the freezer tightly to fill every square inch in case of power failure, I'm ready to go!

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