Friday, March 26, 2010

Because... is absolutely perfect outside.

...I had a day off from running.

...a motorcycle or two beckon from the garage.

...there is nothing else planned for the day.

So, after breakfast, I showered, got dressed, and headed for the BMW waiting patiently in the garage. Today I want to scout some other lunch destinations south of where I live, my ongoing quest for interesting rides of moderate distance and interesting or unique cafes and small-town restaurants.

My ride today took me down 288 to TX 35 west toward Sweeny. Google Maps shows a couple of interesting possibilities in the center of this town, but a Google satellite street view shows only some empty store fronts and a new drugstore in the general vicinity of what should be at least one of these restaurant possibilities. But it's a nice ride along 35 to East Columbia and then south on FM 1489 toward Sweeny.

A slow cruise along Sweeny's Main Street to the south, then a U-turn and slow cruise north confirmed what the satellite street view shows: Empty store fronts, that new drugstore, and a building which used to house a restaurant called My Cousin's Place, now vacant and for sale.

So I'll scratch those places off my list of potential lunch destinations.

I continued down FM-524 to FM-521 toward Brazoria. There's a very good lunch destination -tried and true - in this town, but that's not where I'm heading. Nope. I have a different place in mind.

At Brazoria I headed south on 36 for a few miles through open cultivated fields to FM-2004. This FM road skirts along the west side of Lake Jackson and avoids the overdevelopment along 288.

My lunch destination today is different from the usual. I ate here maybe 10 years ago. I went with my husband and a neighbor. And we did not get there by car. So how did we get there, you ask?

By airplane.

My neighbor is a retired Air Force pilot and, at that time, owned a small 4-seater airplane and hangared it at a small grass strip airport in Manvel. We took a nice tour, flying along the Gulf Coast before landing at our lunch destination, having a leisurely meal, and then climbing back in the plane, taxiing away for take-off, and then flying up the Ship Channel toward Houston before heading back to Manvel.

The lunch destination today is Windsock Grill at the Brazoria County Airport.

This airport is a popular fly-in destination for private pilots and the restaurant caters well to this demographic. The airport restaurant has a large plane "parking lot" which allows easy taxi-in, park, and taxi-out. But of course it does also have a parking lot for the more earthbound of us arriving in cars and on motorcycles.

I arrived at around 1:00 PM and could see that they were doing a good business today. The parking lots - both of them - were filled with planes and cars. I backed my motorcycle into a spot along the fence line that separates the cars from the planes.

The menu is great with a wide variety of sandwiches offered on a wide variety of breads including wraps. Just to tempt you, the pie case sits right at the entrance, on the counter, so while you wait to be seated you can contemplate your calorie allocations.
It's a little cool today so there was no seating outside on the patio, but on a warm day its a nice option. My grilled chicken wrap was big and juicy, to the point of being a handful.
It's a great destination for lunch...not for a big motorcycle group, but with a friend or two it's perfect.

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