Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Snow Day in Marathon

I knew this. I anticipated and planned for it night before last, when I reviewed and rearranged my ride yesterday to get as much in as possible in advance of possible icy weather today. So no big deal when I woke up this morning and looked out the window to see light snow sitting on any flat surface.

I met yet more wonderfully friendly folks at breakfast this morning: A father and college-age son visiting from the Canadian side of Niagara Falls, and the couple I'd met the night before from the Chicago area. The father/son were headed down to Big Bend to spend the next few nights in Chisos Basin. The Chicago couple were taking a day drive down there today. I wished them enjoyable visits to the park and then headed outdoors with camera in hand.

The resident outdoor cat was curled up in the tiniest of balls outside the front door of the hotel, and the canine mascot Maverick stayed as close as possible to the lobby fireplace.

Reports coming from road travelers at lunchtime were that the roads west of Marathon toward Alpine were icy (it's higher elevatiion there) and that the road into Chisos Basin was closed.

I lingered over a burger and hot chocolate at one of the little cafes here in town and chatted with a couple who were on the road heading toward El Paso. They were also from Canada, near Toronto and had stopped in Marathon just for lunch. The reports of road conditions didn't seem to concern them much, feeling that they were experienced drivers in wintry conditions. I hope they understand that the roads in the Northeast are 1000% times better immediately after a storm because of proper preparations and equipment. I hope they make it okay.

This evening for dinner I'll join the two couples I'd met Sunday evening, as they return back to the Gage Hotel after a night in the Chisos Basin.

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  1. You are a lot heartier than me! Snow!!! No way... ;)