Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Rain, Rain to Russellville

That's "rain" not a misspelled "train." This morning had the word "work" written all over it so instead of hitting the road toward Arkansas, I was hitting the road toward the office to get some needed work done, preparing the company for an upcoming trade show. I was all packed, just needed to get home, get changed into riding gear, and then get on the road.

The work obligation was thankfully done by 11:00 AM and I was home by 11:30, eating a fast lunch, changing clothes and backing the bike out of the garage. But what's this??? Sunshine earlier in the morning had suddenly dissolved into wet stuff. To add insult to injury, the wet stuff turned into copious amounts of wet stuff even as I was driving away from my house.

Heavy rains stayed with me until I got just north of downtown Houston, fortunately. It would be gentle to middling rain the rest of the way up US 59 toward Mount Pleasant, TX where I had determined my night's stop would be.

As I neared Nachogdoches, the temperature began to drop noticeably. I began to fret that I'd made some wardrobe mistakes in packing. Should I have brought my Gerbing jacket liner? Do I have warm enough gloves with me? Will only one pair of long pants for off the bike be enough for 4 days? This kept my mind occupied as I rode north, changing over to US-259 at Nacogdoches. This is a wonderful road, very little traffic, miles and miles of wooded countryside and only two towns to pass through before my night's destination.

At Kilgore, I turned onto TX 42 to cut northwest a bit toward US-271. About halfway there the traffic was backed up behind some one-lane construction. This was a very long stretch and therefore a very long delay. But it really didn't matter much. I would still arrive in Mount Pleasant well before dark.

A nice new Holiday Inn Express with a family-run BBQ joint across the road. Perfect!
Tonight the weather man on TV said that the lows for the night would be about the same as they are right now - low to mid 60's - and that it would warm up tomorrow. I was relieved, as earlier worries about wardrobe have now been alleviated, somewhat.

Tomorrow I'll head east on I-30 to pick up US-259 north and start heading - somewhat indirectly - toward Russellville and the MTF Ozarks weekend.

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