Sunday, July 19, 2009

Leaving MOA and RTE in Asheville

Sunday morning was sunny and cool and I enjoyed sitting outside the hotel while waiting for Mike to arrive so that we could ride together to the RTE in Asheville. A few other BMW riders had indicated they'd be coming. The interstate was filled with BMW's heading home after the rally at this mid-morning hour.

It was an easy 60+ miles to the restaurant, taking the exit into downtown Asheville. I'd never been through the downtown area, even when I was here for the RA rally at the Biltmore a couple of years ago. Much of my time that year was spent in the Biltmore village area and riding the roads to the south of Ashville. Downtown Asheville is cute, with many shops and restaurants begging to be explored. We parked in the lot that Bryan suggested, arriving about 45 minutes early. A few others were already there: Mike and Tina, Rick...and a few others began to arrive: Roy, Theo, Charles, Claye. Then Bryan arrived on his FZ6 followed by his parents on their FJR. The food was good at Barney's Brewpub and we had a little time to socialize, but in typical MTF fashion, folks began to load up and get back on the road pretty quickly after paying their bills.

Mike and I parted company, as he was headed to Boone and his brother's and I was headed south to collect some national park stamps in NC and SC enroute to home.

I had a couple of parks on my GPS route, the first of them Carl Sandburg's home near Hendersonville NC. It was such a perfect day to be riding and there were many motorcycles out on the roads today. I was able to get off of I-26 and onto some nice little roads to the Sandburg home.
After the uphill 0.3 mile hike, I was rewarded by the beauty of the Sandburg home and grounds, and the great setting and views.

That stamp in the NPS passport and I backtracked to I-26 and continued south to the exit that would take me through Chesnee and to the Cowpens National Battlefield.

After my visit, I stayed off the interstate taking secondary roads to get to Clinton where I stopped for the night. Nice new Comfort Suites with a Pilot truckstop and Subway right across the street.
Tomorrow: Ninety Six battlefield and MLK National site in Atlanta.

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