Thursday, July 9, 2009

Getting Ready for BMW MOA Rally

Today is Thursday, and on Sunday I'll leave home to start my trip to the BMW MOA rally near Johnson City, TN. I've been anxiously watching the long-range weather forecast, not for fear of rain. No...rain would be most welcome on this journey east across the southern belt. It's the heat that concerns me. We've had triple-digit temperatures here in Texas for the last couple of weeks. This unseasonable heat and drought has several southern states in its grips. Right now it's looking like Sunday - my first travel day - will be the worst for the heat. Monday there will be 30-40% chance of rain as I head northeast through northern Alabama and into Tennessee, and the temps will be about 10 degrees cooler than they will be along the Gulf coast. Riding in rain has its benefits!

Items are starting to pile up in the usual spot on the kitchen counter, my staging area for every trip: GPS, SPOT unit, NPS Passport book, EZPass (just in case), snacks, camera, copies of hotel reservations, MOA pre-registration slip, paperwork for the Volunteer Central committee work. The pile is getting higher and higher the closer it gets to departure day.

Tomorrow and Saturday I'll agonize over what clothes to pack and will take care of those things that need taking care of before leaving on a trip. The bike will get a once-over: Check the oil level and tire pressures. Then I'll start to load the bike. And then I'll start eliminating things that I thought I couldn't live without, in order to lighten the load. It's a process I go through every trip, so no use trying to fight it or change my ways.

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