Friday, June 12, 2009

Founders Feast!

After riding 1,000+ miles yesterday, I was in no mood to get back on the bike this morning so I waved goodbye to the flower-sniffin' riders - including Mike - and walked down to the garage to lube the chain on my FZ before heading back into the lodge to visit with those who were going to just "hang" for the day.

I hooked up with Chris, whose husband was out off-road riding, and she and I walked down to the Pioneer Village and had a light lunch at the concession stand. It took us longer than I thought it would. the Park Ranger said it was only a quarter mile by the trail in the woods, but combine the ruggedness of this trail and the fact that it was definitely more than 1/4 mile, and we didn't get to the Village until after 1:00 PM.

This is such a gorgeous state park! The Pioneer Village area had a beautiful stream passing through it and families were picnicking at the many tables set under huge shade trees. Children were playing, splashing in the water, and just having a great family weekend. At one end of the stream the water pools into a small lake, and the banks were filled with Canada Geese. We don't get these geese in far south Texas, so they are rather exotic to us, although I understand they're a nuisance to those folks who live in the north. Goose poop on patios, goose families tying up traffic as they waddle across major thoroughfares. But I think they're really cool-looking!

One of the other MTF board members would be arriving any time, bringing the event shirts with him, so reluctantly I walked back to the lodge to get registration set up. The lobby was always full with an ever-changing mix of MTF members and I enjoyed sitting in with them in between getting things ready for this evening.

Riders were arriving throughout the afternoon, as well, and folks began to filter into the registration area. We had a murder mystery planned for this evening, put on by an acting group called Random Acts. The troup promised lots of audience participation and plenty of fun and laughs. And they really delivered! What fun! The theme was modeling and runways, and improbable one for this group but it turned out to be hilarious! Audience members were singled out to be designers, two others were chosen by the actors to be judges, and the three designers were turned loose on the audience to select three "models" each. What followed was beyond funny! We had some of our biggest members dressed in skirts, another outfitted with sequined gloves and a satin mask; some wore angel wings, and all wore some sort of wild and crazy hat. All of the participants were really good sports and everyone was laughing and enjoying it.

The evening ended with several us waiting outside for our PRFH riders to return after riding the last of 5 SS1000's in a row.

A good day of relaxing, getting to know some MTF members a little better and a fun evening socializing.

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