Saturday, June 13, 2009

Founders Feast- Day 2

After a really great evening watching the hilarious murder mystery put on by Random Acts, I really wanted to just sleep in, but we needed to have part 2 of the board meeting, since we didn't get much covered yesterday afternoon...and three of our members were missing.


So it's 6:00 AM and my alarm is chiming, waking me up way too early! We began our meeting at 7:00 AM, took a break at 8:00 AM so that the photo contest participants could get signed out and sent on their way. This gave me a chance to eat breakfast before we re-convened for another hour or so.


Mike and I hung around the lodge all day, visiting and chatting with other MTF members and just generally being lazy. It was nice to just do....nothing! But that was soon changed when I was recruited to help with the photo contest scoring less than an hour before Founders Feast was to begin. Several of us were sequestered downstairs in the game room, some serving as judges and working their way through the huge number of photos, Kevin and I tallying the judges' scores.

Finished, we all dashed upstairs to join the group already seated and waiting for the buffet to open. The room was a sea of yellow event shirts. I love how the shirts came out!!

Tables on either side of the podium were groaning with door prize booty and folks were sorting through all of the donated items, making mental lists of what they might choose if their door prize number is called. I donated an LDComfort long-sleeve shirt to the door prize table. I bought it using a gift certificate, but they're unisex sizing and the size Small was much too big and too long, plus I didn't care for the thickness of the fabric. Too thick, to me.

There are some really talented photographers in the MTF and the photo contest really proved that. Wow! Some really great photos in the mix of submissions.

We ate...we board members each said a few words to the assembly, and we gave away nearly every d**n item on those tables.


Tomorrow we'll pack up and depart Spring Mill Lodge and head north into Ohio for some national park stamping.

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