Friday, May 8, 2009

First Day on the Road to Moab

8:15 AM and on the road and already I was second-guessing my decision to leave a little later. Traffic was at a stand-still on 288 just a mile from my house. As we crept along, sweat was beginning to trickle down my back. It was already 80 degrees at 8:30 in the morning with about 99% humidity. This misery was caused by an accident that had been cleared to the shoulder but rubber-necking was still going on. I rode through a field of debris left behind by the accident and hoped it didn't damage my tires.

Finally! Traffic started took nearly 20 minutes to go 4 miles! The rest of the ride through Houston and to the north side went smoothly and I took the Hardy Toll Road from 610 to The Woodlands, and saw very few cars on that road.

Woo hoo!! I'm on my way at last. Up I-45, a quick stop at the Love's just before the I-20 interchange, and now I'm heading west through heavy traffic on I-20. More stop-and-go north of Fort Worth on 820 and on 35W, but once past the 287 split and I was moving right along again.

There's not much to look at up here in north Texas, so even the simplest things caught my eye. At one point I saw a blackbird giving chase to a hawk twice its size. The hawk must have been a bad boy, maybe marauding a nest, or a territorial dispute over roadkill, of which there was plenty out here. So no need to fight over it, boys!! Praying cowboy silhouettes are popular in Texas and a little further up the road there was one sitting on a rail on the other side of the road. It was accompanied by a horse silhouette and sitting right next to the horse was a real hawk, with its back to the roadway. Very cool!

Big bodies of water are scarce up here in this part of Texas, so it was ironic to see a powerboat on a trailer, parked underneath a small water tower or catchbasin. Someone has a sense of humor!

A young man driving a black VW Golf passed me and gave me the "rock on" sign. Fun! Somewhere along the way I was playing leapfrog with a small SUV with a little boy in the backseat. He got lots of waves from me! :-)

In Amarillo for the night at my favorite hotel which sits next to one of my favorite restaurants.

Tomorrow: Into New Mexico, off the interstate and some national park stamping.

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