Sunday, February 8, 2009

February Riding in TX - Great X4

This past week has been a gift from the gods for those of us who ride motorcycles! Robin's egg blue skies, low humidity, and perfect temperatures: High 60's, low 70's.

Tuesday, my BMW Zooty and I met up with a friend to ride local roads to Galveston for lunch and a look-see at the recovery progress. We cruised along the sea wall from 61st Street and admired the beach restoration in progress. The water was gorgeous! A beautiful blue-green color, a rarity along this section of the gulf coast.

Lunch at the Spot, sitting out on the open deck admiring the view out over the Gulf, fending off the pigeons as we ate hamburgers and shared a basket of waffle fries.

Further cruising along the sea wall to inspect progress on The Strand, the historic downtown main street in Galveston. Normally alive with tourists, the wrought iron balconies filled with patrons, but today the street is empty, save for a few workers repairing and restoring the now mostly empty stores, shops and restaurants. It will be a long time before Galveston is back on the tourist map.

A very pleasant 110 mile beach ride.


Thursday and another ride with my friend, this one on my FZ, going west to Sealy for lunch at Tony's Family Restaurant. Pie!! The best homemade pies!! Then it was down 36 through Wallis, then Rosenburg, south of 59 to Damon and eventually to 1462, which brought us to 288 N back to home.

A very pleasant 150 mile lunch ride.


Saturday and a ride up to see another friend, who lives in Kingwood. Just an excuse, really, to get outside in this beautiful weather! A nice lunch at Jason's Deli in Kingwood, a swing by the new H-D dealer in Kingwood to check it out, plans in place to meet back up the next morning for a real ride, then waves goodbye and back home down 59 for me, to Pearland.

A delightful impromptu lunch with a friend and 85 miles on the FZ.


Sunday and a meet up at 290 and 1960 on the northwest side of the city. Route is in my GPS for a loop through some of the best countryside west and north of Houston. Just 30 or so miles west of the city, the country becomes rolling hills and ranch land, with many streams and small rivers providing the fertile soil for abundant trees and greenery.

I included some of my favorite roads on this route: FM 331, FM 1371, FM 1155, FM 390. All wonderful, swoopy, curvy, hilly roads. Some gorgeous, expensive "spreads" along these roads, too!

We stopped at Washington-on-the-Brazos State of my visit the gift shop, purchase some gifts to bring to Hawaii for my son's family. Lunch at Quizno's in Brenham then home by way of 290 toward home, me going south, friend going north on Beltway 8.

Terrific, but very windy, day today: a nice 240 miles.

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