Sunday, October 12, 2008

Days 5 and 6 - Return from FLC2C

FLC2C was an excellent event and the turnout just keeps getting better and better every year! But now I must head for home. I plan to go up the east coast to visit St. Augustine, first, then get onto I-10 in Jacksonville, maybe even make it home in one day. My original plans were to meet up with the MTF River Ride folks somewhere enroute, but my ride to Tampa on the FZ was about as much time as I cared to spend on the Corbin seat. The ride home would be a test of uncomfortable endurance.

I left the Cocoa hotel early, just at daybreak, and got onto I-95 north to ride a now-familiar stretch of that interstate up toward St. Augustine. The fresh orange stands were tempting me severely, but I had no room on the bike for much of anything, not even a few oranges and grapefruit. So I continued north toward St. Augustine and Castillo de San Marcos NM for my National Park Stamp.

I had not been to this national park since I was in high school, so it was no surprise to me that I hardly remembered it. But I really enjoyed walking through the interior, examining the moats and the view over the harbor. Easy to imagine why this spot. I needed to get on the road, so headed back toward the interstate through sparse traffic and continued north to I-10.

Had I been on the BMW, I would have easily made it home. It was only 9:30 when I got back on the road in St. Augustine. I stopped for lunch in Marianna, and did not stop again until Pensacola for gas. I made good time, and traffic wasn't too bad. Weather was perfect! However, when I reached Gulfport MS, I decided to stop for the night. I had spent the last 30 minutes pretty much partially standing on the pegs, trying to relieve my backside.

So I had a nice leisurely evening working on my photos from the FLC2C event and eating Krispy Kreme donuts (the "hot" sign was lit at the Krispy Kreme store next door to the hotel...what can I say?) and was able to get an early start the next day.

The last day would be an easy half-day, and I didn't press too hard to get home, stopping more frequently than I needed to, just to get off the bike. Because it was a short day, it also meant I'd get into Houston early afternoon, well ahead of the traffic, which is always a good thing.

Next trip: Founders Feast

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