Friday, March 28, 2008

Plans for a BBG

I had been flirting with this idea for several months, after talking to some LD riders that I admire and respect. I had convinced myself a long time ago that a SS1000 was all I would ever be able to accomplish in the saddle, and I did this two years ago during the MTF Ride-In in 2006. What I didn't realize was how much experience I had accumulated in the saddle since then. I'd taken a number of increasingly longer trips, stringing as many as 12-14 high mileage days together.

Attempting the 50CC taught me something as well. Even though I quit the ride 2/3 of the way through it, I didn't quit because I was tired...I quit because the riding conditions were difficult for me. In the first day, I rode 1150 miles in 17 hours, and I was not tired. So I knew that a BBG is quite possible for me.

I had a S&T route saved on my computer so I revisited it, pouring over the gas stops, tweaking it here and there and then started watching the weather. I'm targeting this weekend, the last weekend in March to attempt a BBG.

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